Tribesmen break into hospital and stab doctor [Archives:2009/1221/Local News]

January 1 2009

By: Mahmoud Assamiee
SANA'A, Dec 30 ) An 18 member armed tribal men broke into the Science and Technology Hospital last Saturday and attempted to murder Dr. Derhem Al-Qadasi, acting Head of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) section at the Technology Hospital in Sana'a.

Al-Qadasi had received a threatening call from relatives of an 80-year-old patient after he informed them of his death. The tribesmen who come from Rada' district of Dhamar around 100 kilometers South of Sana'a.

Carrying out the threat and armed with guns and knives, the gang broke into the hospital soon after receiving the news. Eight of them infiltrated the ICU and stabbed Al-Qadasi in his back, damaging his right lung and main arterial vessels.

Al-Qadasi underwent four complicated operations but remains in critical condition.

Husni Al-Jowshae', General Manager of the Hospital, told journalists in a press conference held on Sunday that the 80-year old patient was suffering from multiple dangerous diseases in addition to his old age. Among the diseases were heart failure, kidney failure, and diabetes, which meant his death was not unexpected.

“The relatives had told the reception and some of the nurses that they had no hope for the recovery of their relative and complained that his medication cost them a lot of money each month. I was shocked at their reaction and angry at their attack,” he said.

The hospital did not have sufficient security to deter the attackers especially since the Ministry of the Interior had previously disarmed the hospital's security personnel.

Three of the attackers have been arrested by the hospital's security but the main killer, Yousof Al-Muflihi, is still at large. Security authorities explained that search for the rest of the tribesmen involved in the attack is on going. For his part, the Head of Physicians and Pharmacists Syndicate Abdul-Qawai Al-Shamiri threatened to organize a sit-in if the criminals were not caught and subjected to just punishment. “We will take severe measures. The government knows what we can do