Trilogy of Love [Archives:2008/1199/Community]

October 16 2008

By: Waleed Mahdi
Fulbright Scholar/ MacArthur Fellow
PhD Student in American Studies
University of Minnesota

In its issue No. 1191, Yemen Times featured an article that erupted my long suppressed feelings of solitude. “Mind and Heart” is the title; and a trilogy of love is its content. To my dismay, this love has been interpreted by some as an ultimate expression of an unjustified deviation from the unreasonable norms that have constructed, or rather awkwardly structured, the essence of relationships in Yemen.

However, this trilogy cannot be crushed down to fulfill the need to wipe aberrations from a mainstream, which itself ironically is not straightened out. Whatever the case might be, I would like to record my response in this outstanding newspaper for future references to our forthcoming generations, of course in addition to sharing my vision of love.

As stated in Maged's article, friendship is “a supreme human relationship.” It transcends boundaries of time and space to connect, and further nurture the individuals concerned.

Such a concept emanates from a selfless desire to devote oneself to be a part of a non-utilitarian reciprocal circle. I am fortunate to have been able to be a part of such a trilogy of which I have been considered the “mind.”

However, this mind was on the verge of collapse with a stroke caused, not by exposure to sun rays, but by lack of proper blood circulation due to being far from my heart. Happily, there was no need for an admission to any health care unit as my heart finally joined me in the United States; thereby energizing me to proceed well in my studies.Nonetheless, what a body is like but a functioning brain and a pumping heart if it lacks its soul?! It is here where, my friend, your contribution is mostly needed.

Without you, we are still unable to figure a way to enjoy what we have accomplished or even come up with a meaning or a taste for the joys of this temporal world. Your spirit is what we severely need. We very much hope that we can re-unite so we can cherish our trilogy of love.