Truce between Jihm and al-Mekhlafi [Archives:2005/836/Local News]

April 25 2005

A one-year truce was made last Monday between sheikhs from the al-Mekhlaf tribe in Taiz and Jihm, one of the tribes in Marib.

Under the truce, Sheikh Mohammad Sa'eed al-Mekhlafi and his followers were granted a year-long reconciliation by the tribe of al-Zaidi following the murder of Sheikh Jarrallah al-Zaidi who was killed by the bodyguards of Sheikh Mohammad Sa'eed al-Mekhlafi at the beginning of April in the city of Taiz.

A number of MPs from Taiz as well as tribal leaders and officials, including Brigadier Naji Ali al-Zadi one of the military commanders in Taiz, offered apologies to the children of the victim. They stated that the killing was an accident and that the victim had not been targeted.