Truce in Al-Jawf endingTribal hostages to return home [Archives:2004/800/Front Page]

December 20 2004

In an agreement reached between the fighting tribes of Al-Maraziq and Al Saida, two tribes belonging to Al-Jawf, five hostages from each side are to return back to their own tribes.
Sheikhs from the neighboring tribes are doing their best to put an end to the conflict before the two-month-long truce ends. The truce was reached after 27 victims from both the sides were killed and up to 33 wounded in a bloody warfare.
Numerous Sheikhs and tribesmen from Al-Jawf are asking the government to take an active role in eradicating revenge, as well as tackling the ever-lasting conflicts between tribes.
Meanwhile, a number of cultured youths from Al-Jawf urged the different media means to perform their role and reflect a positive picture about Al-Jawf Province and the constant sufferings experienced in the area.
They expressed their concern at the reply of Yemen's Prime Minister to the Governor of Al-Jawf when the latter highlighted the necessity for giving jobs to the unemployed locals at the Third Local Council Conference.
They quoted the PM as saying “There are over 300,000 Somalis working as car sweepers and therefore they do not die from hunger.”
The reply sparked rage in Al-Jawf locals who has the confidence that the government will upgrade the standard of education and raise awareness in the area.