Trust Yourself [Archives:2004/710/Education]

February 9 2004

By Esam Ali Al_haddad
[email protected]
APTECH Sana'a Center

The voices do not lie and so don't the faces and bodies. Unfortunately, people lie to themselves.
But after you read this article and understand its message, you will not have the painful necessity to lie to yourself. And you will not blindly walk in this life as if you are a bumpkin.
An understanding of this message will endow you with an amazing vision about the people you are dealing with for the first time, and will make you cultivate a more understanding approach towards others, and interact with others with self-confidence at both the social and the professional levels. And you should be able to know what is realistic and what is not, what is appropriate and what is not.
You need not like all the people you come across and this is your right since there maybe some people who are not friendly to you. They may hurt you and make your life miserable. On the other hand, there would certainly be some people who are good to you. They will enrich your life and make it joyful.
Life is full of choices. We should learn how to take the right one which gives us some kind of happy and joyful feeling. Most of us unfortunately, are not at peace with ourselves, and constantly feel anxious, but you will begin to feel more secure if you have a strong sense of discrimination because there is now an indicator inside you which will signal to you when you are in danger and when you are safe.
As soon as you take a decision about someone who you need to go ahead with, unleash your efforts to cultivate comradeship with him. Similarly, do not go back to someone whom you decided to put out of your life. So follow your strong common sense and dissociate yourself from this person.
And if you have an inescapable situation where you cannot avoid him be sure that you are highly alert in dealing with him.
Remember that however perceptively you see and critically you assimilate the experience, the fact remains that you cannot make the people look and do as you wish. The persons who spend their life trying to change others rarely succeed.
You must be aware of the fact that your involvement in an offensive relationship does not make you just feel sick, but ill as well. And when you realize that somebody is going to put your life in danger it is not difficult to say “No”. Your conscience should come first.
You have the power. So use this useful information for your life to keep going with a richer dividend, greater productivity, and with less pressure.