Trying to deal with surging population [Archives:2004/737/Local News]

May 13 2004

A training session regarding the population problem, health productivity, family planning and the stance of Islamic legislations toward these things, including the issues of youth, women, freedom and information rhetoric concluded recently.
A total of 40 representatives of official and independent various media organizations took part.
The four-day session, organized by the Public Information and Population Contact Program in cooperation with United Nations Fund (UNFPA) and the General Secretariat of the National Population Council, aimed at recognizing and defining the population problem and its negative effects on future economic, social, and cultural development programs.
In addition to identifying the health productivity and its service components and women and youths' issues, which are considered of the most important and complex issues the Yemeni society is suffering from.
Minister of Information, Hussein Al-Awadhy, called on all working in the field of information to collaborate and to deal with the national primary issues decisively and with objectivity separately from any political quarrel or any other considerations.