Turkey condemns Yassin assassination [Archives:2004/723/Local News]

March 25 2004

In an operation targeting Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, the spiritual leader of Hamas, in Gaza Monday morning, Sheikh Yassin and a number of his companions have lost their lives.
Turkey strongly condemns this strike and believes that such actions will not help the peace and tranquility but will only make the existing environment of conflict more inextricable.
A press statement issued Turkish foreign ministry on Monday said, it is clear that targeted killings carried out by Israeli forces are not conductive to Israeli's security. Turkey excepts from the parties to avoid that will deteriorate the difficult environement and that will drop the vision of peace from the agendas of both parties. The goal continues to be that the peoples of Israel and Palestine can live in security in their own states. Therefore, the parties must act with the understanding that there is no other way.