Turkey to invest in Aden Free Zone [Archives:2005/877/Business & Economy]

September 15 2005

Mahyoub Al-Kamaly
Yemen exerts efforts for attracting investors, especially from Arab and Islamic countries. In this regard a Turkish company has announced that it would build a factory for cabins, fiberglass and caravan houses in the Free Zone in Aden. The factory is scheduled to be open beginning of next year. The person in charge of the Turkish and French pavilion at Sana'a International fair Mohammed Saleh al-Ansi revealed that the Group of Ali al-Yemeni and Bros. succeeded in attracting the company and work with it as partner to establish the project after finalizing the project's study and its economic feasibility in the Yemeni market. He has affirmed that he Yemeni market has become encouraging for investment especially after the unity, pointing out that the Yemeni Group is representative of French and Turkish companies and agent of large Turkish companies Istiqbal company for house and office furniture, Hali company for carpets and others. He has told press reporters that his company has sought for opening channels with the Turkish economy to encourage investment in Yemen in a bid to connect the Yemeni economy with the Turkish and world economy.

The Yemeni-Turkish joint committee had discussed in its meetings in Turkey recently aspects of enhancing Yemeni-Turkish relations in he area of investment and abolishing the taxation duality, consolidation of cooperation in professional, technical, civil aviation and means of expanding an developing bilateral relations and establishment of an investment company composed of Yemeni and Turkish businessmen.

Meanwhile, the Yemeni vice-president Abdrabu Mansour Hadi has urged the Iranian companies taking part in the Sana'a International Fair to open trade offices in Yemen and expand its trading activities and connections with Yemeni industrial and trading establishments. That came during the vice-president's visit last Sunday to the Iranian pavilion at the Fair. There are 21 Iranian companies participating in the event, exhibiting their medical products, cars and heavy vehicles spare parts, petrochemical products, engines, household appliances, furniture, school shoes and other various products. The Yemeni vice-president has also met a number of heads of Iranian companies and businessmen and explained to them the level of facilities available for them in Yemen, in addition to taking the advantage to open commercial offices for their companies from which they and the Yemeni market could benefit.