Turkish delegation leaves Sana’a [Archives:2007/1030/Local News]

March 5 2007

SANA'A, March 4 ) The Turkish delegation left Sana'a on Sunday after a four-day visit to Yemen. A meeting was held with them on Saturday. The meeting was co-chaired by the chief of the Coastguard Authority, Brigadier General Ali Rasa'a and the chief of the foreign relations Section in the Turkish Foreign Ministry, Rajab Gontikan. The two sides signed memos of understanding aimed at strengthening security cooperation between the two countries especially in the fields of training, qualification and coastguarding. The memos focused on developing and extending the current coordination and cooperation between Yemen and Turkey in the field of combating terrorism and organized crime.

This visit is considered a continuation of a previous visit in 2004 where Yemeni-Turkish security ties were officiated through the signing of agreements regarding security cooperation between the two countries.

As to whether it is a plan for new cooperation in different domains, the deputy of the Turkish embassy in Yemen, Umut Topsuoglu said “In this period