Turkish embassy celebrates Turkish Republic Day [Archives:2003/680/Local News]

October 27 2003

Sanaa, Oct 25 – The Turkish embassy held a reception at the embassy premises on the occasion of celebrating Turkey's 22nd Republic Day anniversary last Wednesday.
Several diplomats of various embassies and representatives of national and international organizations attended the celebration, which marked the 80th anniversary since the formation of the Republic of Turkey. A rich session on the long lasting relations between Turkey and Yemen and the historical background as well as predicting and giving visions of a better future for the bilateral relations between the two countries were held.
On October 29 1923, the Republic was proclaimed and Mustafa Kemal Pasha was unanimously elected President of the Republic. This took place months after the national government signed the Lausanne Treaty with Great Britain, France, Greece, Italy and others. In mid-October, Ankara became the capital of the new Turkish State.