Twelve convicted of terrorist attacks [Archives:2007/1031/Front Page]

March 8 2007

By: Yasser Al-Mayasi
SANA'A, March 7 ) The Appeal Penal Court convicted 12, out of 14 accused, of forming an armed gang to implement criminal acts, including threatening state security by planning to attack foreign nationals, and Yemeni security and military targets.

In a session chaired by Judge Sa'eed Al-Qatta' and attended by General Prosecution chairman Sa'eed Al-Aqel, the court sentenced the convicts to terms ranging from two to six years.

Convicts Ali Sufian, Al-Amari, and Mohammed Futain, were sentenced to six years and Al-Zubair Abdurrahman, Al-Mikhlafi, Hassan Al-Haddad, and Jamal Al-Qamadi, are to serve four year terms. Mohammed Haider, and Ahmed Al-Muradi, were sentenced to three years. Abdulkarim Addin and Sami Al-Shauibi received two years for lesser charges.

The court also upheld a first-instance judgement against Ibrahim Al-Wissabi, Hamid Radman, and Badr Al-Hassani, and confiscated the assets of the convicted.

The Primary Court sentenced the other members of the gang in April 2006. Security apparatuses arrested the convicts in May 2006 in the Shumaila area of Sana'a. They were in possession of suicide belts, explosives, and arms. Their aim was to target foreigners and Yemeni military and security personalities. They were also in possession of fake stamps and forged identity cards, which were to be used to implement their plans.