Two Al-Qaeda escapees surrender [Archives:2006/977/Front Page]

August 31 2006

By:Yemen Times Staff
SANA'A, Aug. 30 ) After more than a month, tribal mediation between security authorities and two Yemeni Al-Qaeda members ended last week as the two surrendered themselves to security authorities in Sana'a.

Sources in Sana'a said Sheikh Hadi Dalqam handed over the two brothers, Arif and Hizam Majaly, to security authorities at the end of last week. The two were among 23 Al-Qaeda members who escaped from Political Security Prison in Sana'a in February.

Sheikh Dalqam had mediated between the government and the two escapees for more than a month, at the end of which he succeeded in handing them over.

In mid-February, national security and anti-terror forces surrounded an area in Masik neighborhood in Sana'a in the wake of receiving reports on the presence of Arif Majaly and three others wanted by security, but they didn't manage to arrest him. Instead, they arrested four of his relatives, whom they later released.

The chief member of the prison escapees was Jamal Al-Badawi, the second individual accused in bombing the USS Cole destroyer in Aden. The escapees also included nine others who stood trial for the 2002 bombing of the French oil supertanker Limburg off the Mukalla shore.

Among the escapees were: Arif Saleh Majaly, Hizam Saleh Majaly, Mohammed Ahmed Al-Dailami, Ibrahim Mohammed Al-Huwaidi, Omar Sa'eed Jarallah, Fawaz Najib Al-Rabei, Qassim Yahya Al-Raimi Mohammed Ali Saad and Fawzi Mohammed Al-Wajieh.

The convicts also included four sentenced for Al-Qaeda affiliation and forming an armed gang: Mansour Nasser Al-Baihani, Ibrahim Mohammed Al-Maqri, Shafiq Ahmed Omar and Abdullah Yahya Al-Wadie.

In addition to those were two members of the Tawheed Battalions cell, which was under the leadership of Anwar Al-Jeelani, namely, Abdulrahman Ahmed Basir and Khalid Mohammed Al-Batati.

Another condemned man Yemen received from Qatar, Abdullah Ahmed Al-Raimi, was sentenced to four years' imprisonment and six others accused of Al-Qaeda affiliation were to be sent to court.