Two Children & Woman Killed in Tribal Conflicts [Archives:2001/19/Local News]

May 7 2001

Tribal conflicts between Nahd and al-Kabess in Khawlan, 70 Km to the east of Sana’a, resulted last Friday in the death of two children and a woman from artillery as it fell on a house. The tribal conflict is still going on despite all the mediations to contain it. Conflicts erupted due to land dispute that had already claimed seven lives.
On the other hand, tribal confrontations started last Wednesday in Saba roundabout in the center of the capital, Sana’a. The confrontations set out as an armed tribal group set a trap for Sheikh Muhsen Abo Nashtan, Sheikh from Arhab. The gunmen fired at the car which is said to belong to him and killed three persons; two pedestrians.
Sources maintained that the President has directed the Shoura Council to form a committee within the council to study and devise solutions to the problems of revenge.