Two from the Haraz Tribe Kidnapped [Archives:1999/40/Local News]

October 4 1999

Mohammed Abdul Rahman Mohammed and Arafat Mohammed Abdul Rahman from Haraz were kidnapped last Monday from Shoub Street by an armed group of the Aal Ali Ben Falah tribe, one of Gahm tribes. The same tribe is still keeping eight people from Haraz as hostages, kidnapped six months ago. This follows the kidnapping of a girl from Aal Ali Ben Falah tribe by a man from Haraz. Last Saturday, groups of Sheikhs from both Gahm and Haraz tribes met together in the house of Ali Maqsa, Sheikh of Sanhan, to discuss the strategies of releasing the kidnapped. On another level, the Security forces have made a number of bases along the streets and roads in and outside Marib in order to arrest people belonging to Aal Ali Ben Falah tribe. A tribe leader from Aal Ali Ben Falah tribe told the Yemen Times that the security forces in Marib had arrested one of them which would intensify the conflict between the Director of Marib Security and his tribe.