Two-headed infant [Archives:2004/790/Last Page]

November 15 2004

Aden Bureau
A mother from Ghareer, in al-Rawdhah, delivered a two-headed and three-handed female infant at Shabwa Central Hospital.
Dr. Arif Banafe'e, Director of the hospital, said that it is the first case to happen in the hospital. They, with Dr. Mohammed al-Juda'ai, Head of Surgery Dept., devoted their sincere efforts to prepare the convenient atmosphere for the operation and make it successful.
Though the hospital is not well equipped to receive such a case and perform the surgery, some specialized doctors, two Chinese doctors and Dr. Mustafa Abdulkhaliq, contributed to help the mother peacefully deliver her child.
It is worth noticing that the delivered female infant has two heads, three hands, of which one is with ten fingers, two respiratory systems, one urogenital system, one digestive system, and two legs. She is in a good condition; her two hearts are beating 80 beats per minute. The surgeries monthly average carried out in this hospital is 140 and those concerned with women and delivery form a 35 percent.