Two hostages held in his absence Al-Qaeda suspect released [Archives:2003/09/Local News]

February 3 2003

A breakthrough has been made in the military siege to Waset City Hospital in Marib where Mohammed Ali Ali Azaidi received treatment.
Azaidi has been suspected of having links to al-Qaeda organization.
The son of the Naji Ali Azaidi, a staff general and a brother of Azaidi along with his little brother have been taken as hostages in return for allowing Mohammed Azaidi to receive treatment abroad and then hand himself over to the authorities.
Mohammed Ali Azaidi’s family accused the authorities of making Azaidi’s health conditions worse.
Health reports indicated that Azaidi has a hemiplegia as a result of being injured in the spinal column.
The authorities haven’t allowed him to receive treatment in a hospital outside of Yemen. His life now at risk as a result of being seriously shot in his spine. Azaidi came back from Afghanistan five years ago. He stayed in Afghanistan for about two years.
He’s accused of kidnapping a German commercial attach√©’ in 2001.
Azaidi was injured by Brigade 25 in a shootout.