Two killed, 34 injured in an attack on prayers in an Amran mosque Another mosque attack [Archives:2003/662/Front Page]

August 25 2003

Mohammed Al-Qadhi
Sana'a, August 24 – The latest mosque massacre that took place in Amran on Friday is a third of its kind during the last few years. Observers and decision-makers are concerned that the high number of light arms in the country has started to have severe effects on security even in holy places in the country.
Two people were killed and other 34 injured in an attack with a grenade on a mosque in Amran last Friday.
According to official sources, Marish Ali Al-Akhram, 30, threw 2 grenades against prayers at al-Khamri mosque at Hawth district, Ammran province 60km north Sana'a, resulting in the explosion of one of the two grenades, killing 2 and wounding 34 worshippers.
One of the two victims died after being hospitalized. While some of the injured men left the hospital after treatment, seven others were taken to Sana'a hospitals as they were seriously injured.
A security official told Yemen Times that the attacker was arrested and taken immediately to the house of Sheikh Abdullah Bin Hussein al-Ahmar, Speaker of Parliament and Sheikh of Hashid tribe for interrogation.
Speaker al-Ahmar said this prevented any possible counter attack by relatives of the victims against the killer, pointing out that some were attempting to kill al-Akhram.
Investigations with the attacker proved that he suffered from some personal problems with his relatives. Yet, the real reason behind the crime is still unknown as investigations continue at the police station in Amran.
The Minister of Justice and Amran governor gave their orders that immediate trial for the attacker should be conducted as the crime caused panic and outrage among the people in the area who are in a sate of awe.
Last July, Mohsen Munasser killed eight students and their teacher while attending an unofficial summer course on Islamic religion teachings in Yahar mosque, Lahj governorate in southern Yemen. The relatives of the victims have demanded death sentence against the killer who requested the court to show him to a psychiatrist. The primary court of Lahj is expected to pass its verdict against the killer today.