Two killed and a body found [Archives:2003/693/Local News]

December 8 2003

Malik Noman Ismail, 17, of Al-Mirzah, Jabal Saber (Mountain of Saber) Al-Mawadim was killed by Mohammed Yahya Ismail on 30/11/2003 as a result of a quarrel about a water canal in the mentioned region, where the culprit used his pistol to shoot him dead.
The body was transported to the hospital and authorities detained the killer so he may be tried. Meanwhile, in Al-Buraihi region, of Jabal Habashi (Mountain of Habashi), security authorities of the governorate of Taiz managed to detain Yaseen Abdu Qasim, and Yousuf Hasan Qasim. They are alleged to have killed Ahmad Mohammad Amer of the same region by shooting him several times , using an automatic weapon. The body was transported to Al-Thawrah Hospital, and the motive for the killing is still unknown as investigations are still underway. In another region, Al-Rummah, the body of Abdu Omer Mohammed, 36, was found after being left in the open for four days. Security authorities are investigating the motives for the crime, and to arrest the killers.