Two killed in a Sanaa bomb explosion [Archives:2002/37/Front Page]

September 9 2002

Two people were killed and two others injured in a bomb explosion last Friday in Al-Saffyah, South of Sana’a. Eyewitness told the Yemen Times Ahmed Saleh al-Khawlani was blown up by a hand grenade which he was carrying, resulting in tearing his body into pieces, injured three others. One of them was seriously injured and was hospitalized before he died later on. One of the injuries was a Somali national.
The explosion also shattered the windows of a TOYOTA car that was parked in the location.
The eyewitness said that al-Khawlani had been blackmailing residents of the area so as to get money from them. He used to carry grenades to show off and threaten people in the neighborhood, where the power of the government is inexistent.