Two Men Killed in front of the Presidential Palace [Archives:1999/28/Local News]

July 12 1999

In an attack made by three unknown armed men, two men were killed and another injured three days ago in front of the presidential palace in the capital city, Sanaa. The three victims are relatives, and were riding in a company car, which the attackers took. The attackers stole and then ran away with the car, which was later found in a street in Sanaa, said Abdullah Saleh Sabaa, a member of the Consultative Council and the ex-minister of the immigrants ministry.
He also stated that this is a clear sign of the state of anarchy, chaos and insecurity that is dominant over all of the aspects of our lives. This attack is a strong challenge to the authority, and until now the attackers have not been caught, in spite of the fact that the attack took place in a crowded and active area, full of members of the republican army who were guarding the government building.