Two-million bounty for information on explosives [Archives:2007/1068/Local News]

July 16 2007

ADEN, July 15 ) An informed security source announced a two-million bounty for the one who provides information about those who implanted explosives near a busy mall last Monday in Aden.

Aden security apparatuses foiled explosives implanted beside Aden Mall Center in Krater district after they received information from citizens as for the existence of strange stiffs in the north point of the mall which is always full of shoppers of different class and gender.

The same source assured that the security apparatuses will continue their hunting for those responsible for targeting the center in order to meet their fair punishment.

Reacting to the incident and other similar accidents, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Rashad Al-Alimi pointed out that Yemen's security is the responsibility of all citizens who should cooperate with security apparatuses for keeping the country's security.

Al-Alimi further hinted that the terrorist acts will not just disturb the country's stability, but also harms the national economy and badly affects the on-going development.