Two Senior YSP Officials  Withdraw From Congress [Archives:2000/36/Front Page]

September 4 2000

Two senior YSP members had withdrawn from the Party’s 4th congress in the wake of disputes that emerged at the very beginning of the convention last Wednesday.
The two central committee members Hassan Ahmed Ba’oom and Muhammed Haidera Masdoos were at loggerheads with the Secretary General Mr. Ali Saleh Obad “Mokbil”, leading to the exchange of insults. Talking to Yemen Times, Mr. Ba’oom, 1st Secretary of the party in Hadhramaut Province said: “My withdrawal came as the chairman of the congress rejected a request related to rectification of the course of Unification.” He added that he will continue his struggle from within the Party or from outside through different ways. YT, which attended the deliberations session also learnt that out of the 2,486 delegates, Ba’oom and Masdoos withdrew together with more than 30 delegates. A committee comprising YSP Politburo Members Ali Munnassar and Abdulla Baider, was delegated to hold consultations with the two members; but the outcome is yet unknown.