Two students from Al-Zaidi Detained [Archives:2000/28/Local News]

July 10 2000

Abdullah Saeed Al-Zaidi and Ahmad Saleh Showail Al-Zaidi, two students studying at a school in Sana’a were detained by security men. This took place after fighting between Al-Azaidi in Mareb and security forces in the area. In a memorandum submitted to Yemen Syndicate for Defense of Human Rights and Democratic Freedom, Mr. Hassan Saeed Al-Zaidi protested the suppressive detention which was not based on a legal warrant. In the memorandum, Hassan Al-Zaidi said that the two students’ fault was nothing but their being from Al-Azaidi tribe. He also said that the students’ families were not permitted to visit them in jail and that they were not referred to a judiciary court according to the law.
On the other hand, the YSDHRDF wrote a memorandum to the National Committee for Human Rights asking it to stop such irresponsible behavior of violating human rights.