Two TV journalism Workshops Concluded in Sana’a [Archives:2005/828/Local News]

March 28 2005

For the Yemen Times
The US Embassy Public Diplomacy Section, in cooperation with the International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB), organized two workshops, simultaneously, on TV Journalism and Production For Yemen Satellite TV, March 19-23, and the Yemen Female Media Forum, March 20-22, 2005.

Both workshops were attended by a total of 45 participants from Sana'a TV and the Yemen Female Media Forum and were conducted by Dr. Norman Swan of the University of Tennessee.

Dr. Swan has a 30-year-broadcasting, broadcast management, broadcast education and research.

He has conducted over 100 workshops on radio and TV in 40 countries in Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia.

Closing ceremonies for both workshops were attended by senior Yemeni officials and civil society representatives including Minister of Human Rights Amat al-Alim al-Soswa, Deputy Minister of Information Ahmed al-Hamati, Chairman of the Kan'an Association for Palestine Yahya Mohammed Saleh, and Director of HOOD Human Rights Organization, Lawyer Mohammed Naji Allaw.

The workshops addressed various topics including responsibilities of news departments, news research techniques, reporting identifying topics, developing TV plans, news production and editing, ethics, and writing, interviewing and presenting skills.

The workshops were conducted as part of the US Embassy Public Diplomacy Section's efforts to improve the professional level and journalism skills of the participants, promote the standards of journalism in Yemen and empower women role in media.