Two Yemeni children win [Archives:2005/863/Local News]

July 28 2005

The High Committee for Child Care in the Arab Republic of Libya had organized a contest in the art of drawing and artistic expression of children, under the name of (Tripoli international contest for child drawings).

The Higher Council for Motherhood and Childhood responded to the Libyan invitation. It made a coordinated course through media, by inviting our creative and gifted children from schools, societies and other sectors to join with their drawings. The council had also coordinated for receiving the drawings and sending them to the organizers. The participation of our children in this content was quite honoring to all Yemeni children. This is realized through the success of the Yemeni child Bashier Humadi Saad Al-Wusabi, to win the first position, and the golden medal, besides other prizes. The child Bsam Qasim Hassan Al-azizy also won a distinction certificate, in addition to other prizes. Both of the winners are of the special needs children, who are affiliates of the center of child labor combat, in the Capital secretariat.

The center would like to thank all the unsuccessful children who joined in this contest. It wishes them better chances in future contests. It worth mentioning, that many Arab countries had participated with their child drawings in this context.