U.S. Ambassador Krajeski in Amran [Archives:2004/800/Local News]

December 20 2004

For The Yemen Times
U.S. Ambassador to Yemen Thomas Krajeski visited a number of locations in Amran Governate Dec. 13.
He was accompanied by a USAID delegation headed by the Agency's Yemen Director Dr. Douglas Heisler.
The ambassador discussed the possibility of expanding US assistance to Amran, particularly in education and health. The Americans gave at least $700,000 to improve basic health care in Amran in 2004.
At this time there is also an ongoing $800,000 USAID health project that supports health sector reform and improvements.
The Ambassador commended the hard work of the 20 health care officials in attendance at a health workshop he visited.
The officials then visited the Aisha Girls School in Amran City. The school had received support from the United States Department of Agriculture program that provided funds to renovate, expand and equip the school.
The school's enrollment has grown from 350 to more than 1,000 girls since the intervention.
The delegation met with the Head Mistress and several classes, and it was treated to a singing performance by some students.
The group then visited the Hababa Center where USAID has recently provided electricity and telephone service. Ambassador Krajeski presented the center with a fax machine, a VCR, an ultrasound machine, an autoclave and an ECG machine.
Additional support will be provided to the center through USAID's basic health care service delivery project.
The delegation also visited Thula, where the Ambassador presented an ultrasound machine and ECG machine to the District Health Center.