U.S. Ambassador: Yemen’s democracy progress stopped [Archives:2005/884/Front Page]

October 10 2005

SANA'A- Oct. 8 – Saba News quoted a source on Saturday, saying that the Yemeni Government questioned the latest statements by the U.S. Ambassador, Thomas Krajeski, in which he claimed that Yemen's democracy progress has stopped.

The source added that Yemen is an independent country and democracy in Yemen only concerns Yemeni people themselves and no body else.

According to the source, statements such as those made by the U.S. Ambassador, do not serve the growing Yemeni-US relations.

“We don't know either what the US. Ambassador wants from the democracy in Yemen, nor do we know his standards of the democracy progress. Does he want it to be like the democracy of the collation forces in Iraq? “, the source exclaimed.