U.S. Concerned about Security in Yemen [Archives:2001/50/Front Page]

December 10 2001

The U.S. Ambassador to Yemen, Edmund Hull, said that President Saleh’s visit to Washington succeeded in strengthening cooperation between Yemen and the United States to fight terrorism. He said in an interview with the 26 September newspaper, the cooperation will focus on different political, economic, military and intelligence fields, adding that the U.S. is looking forward to solidifying the results of this partnership. He pointed out that the U.S. has not requested any military facilities from Yemen, and that the two countries didn’t sign the memorandum of understanding because they were focusing on the political steps of their cooperation.
The Ambassador stressed that the United States can play a role in different aspects, particularly in cracking down terrorism. He highlighted the importance of security for economic growth, investment and international aid to prosper. He added that security will serve economic development, particularly in remote areas, to which the U.S. government is giving full attention. He also stressed the need for law and order, as well as expressing the U.S. administration’s eagerness to boost U.S. companies investment in Yemen; however, these companies are concerned about the security situation here.
He also praised Saleh’s policy in fighting terrorism.