U.S. Embassy holds Iftar dinner [Archives:2004/788/Local News]

November 8 2004

The Public Diplomacy Section of the U.S. Embassy in Sana'a held its third annual traditional Iftar Dinner on Wednesday evening at the Al-Deewan Restaurant in Sanaa with more than 80 guests in attendance.
Attendees included representatives of the Yemeni media, non-governmental organizations, academic institutions, cultural and educational organizations and government officials.
In an address during the dinner, U.S. Ambassador Thomas Krajeski underlined America's respect for the religion of Islam and its traditions, saying that the holy month of Ramadan gives us all the opportunity in Yemen to look at our shared values, beliefs and customs. “All too often” the Ambassador added “there is the tendency to look at things that separate countries, peoples and beliefs. Ramadan and the teachings of the Qur'an would have us look closer at the things that bind us together.”
The Ambassador passed on to the Iftar dinner guests the warm greetings of President Bush, who has just won a second term in office, to Muslims around the world on the holy month of Ramadan.