U.S. Embassy Hosts a Public Discussion on 1999 Human Rights Report on Yemen Tomorrow [Archives:2000/15/Front Page]

April 10 2000

On Tuesday, April 11, the US Embassy in Yemen will host a public discussion on the 1999 U.S. Department of State Country Reports on Human Rights in general, and the report on Yemen in particular. The U.S. Embassy staff will be present to answer questions about the report. 
The program will take place at the Abraj Saba (Towers) Hotel on Ring Road at 9 AM. 
Some analysts suggest that this discussion will focus on the controversial points that came in the report, but which the government had earlier denied. The Yemen Report on Human Rights Practices for 1999 focused on several issues, some which signaled negative developments, and some, in fact, indicated substantial progress compared to the previous records. The report, which was published in Yemen Times concentrated on torture, judicial corruption, child labor, women’s rights, and freedom of the press. 
During the president’s visit to the USA, he mentioned that there was information provided by some opposition leaders who try to distort the image of Yemen. He emphasized that US staff members should seek information from government offices and compare the information to get a clearer and more faithful picture. The president even indicated that the US officials apologized for the false information that could have appeared in the report.