U.S. program assists Yemeni CSOs [Archives:2006/1003/Local News]

November 30 2006

SANA'A, Nov. 28 ) On Tuesday, U.S. ambassador to Yemen, Thomas Krajeski, announced the launching of the second phase of the ambassador's private program for autonomous aid.

In a press conference, Krajeski stated that six Yemeni civil society organizations will receive support for 2007, including the Women and Children's Development Society (SOUL) in Sa'ada, Al-Wa'ad (promise) Social Charitable Female Association in Sana'a, the Peace and Development Society in Al-Jawf, Al-Sada (echo) Charitable Association in Sana'a and Al-Mona'a (hope) Social Charitable Female Association, also in Sana'a.

The ambassador further stressed that the program aims to support charitable organizations and societies in order to improve the social and economic situations of poor and deprived citizens through projects like digging wells, furnishing kitchens or establishing farms to raise bees and cattle. Thus, such societies and organizations can improve their income and depend upon autonomous efforts.

Krajeski also noted that the program is designed to develop the economic and social situations in Yemeni villages and cities by providing financial support to those societies needing assistance. The program also aims to revitalize previously established vital autonomous projects, such as computer and sewing classes and other handicrafts.

Concluding his remarks, Krajeski expressed his hope that “Yemenis will benefit from the support, amounting to $50,000, just as it has for the past year.”