U.S ‘values’ in the trash [Archives:2003/05/Viewpoint]

February 4 2003

The last few weeks have demonstrated to me that the millions of people opposing war against Iraq are right and thoughtful people. We saw how the superpower of the world, the USA, has exerted great pressure on many European countries to adopt its position. And it succeeded!
It has become clear that the overwhelming military force of the USA is prepared for war at any time. Whether it is right or wrong, the USA seems committed to it regardless of the UN Security Council’s lack of approval.
Let us imagine that a weak country defied the UN Security Council’s will and attacked another sovereign country. How would the world react? The attacking country will immediately be punished through sanctions and other means including military force.
Well, now what if the US attacks Iraq? Will the Security Council punish the US by applying sanctions or forcing it to withdraw its forces from Iraq? It seems to be a funny question as the Security Council and UN will have to look for another headquarters as it wouldn’t suit them to continue to stay in the country that defies their will.
It is clear that most citizens of the world don’t understand how Iraq could be a major threat to the USA, but even if it does constitute a threat, does that mean that the US has the right to apply preventive measures by attacking it?
Look at European leaders one after another supporting the US without the approval of their people, and perhaps out of the fear of the consequences after a possible victorious US war against Iraq.
Is this the democracy that they are calling for Arab nations to adopt? On the other hand, countries that will not support aggression against Iraq, including Germany and France, will suffer from isolation and punishment by the superpower of the world. Why? Because they did not support the US war.
Looking at what are supposedly ‘American ‘ values: justice, democracy, freedom – which the US administration has been repeating over and over again, we can see them fading in front of the whole world.
They’re turning into decoration and occasional propaganda tools used by the US whenever they serve its interests. But when they don’t, they are thrown to the trashcan. Is this the ideal world of nobility and harmony that we all want to live in?
I just cannot imagine how Americans can believe that their government and leaders support and approve those values, yet act in such a fashion. As a matter of fact, this cannot be the case because I received and continue to receive statements of Americans opposing this action. Americans, as people, are great. It is a shame that their government is committing such action on their behalf.
It seems to be a wild world, a world where the strong dominates and imposes his will on all the rest. I just wish I wasn’t alive to see this day.