U.S. – Yemen CouncilYemen enhances trade ties with the U.S. [Archives:2004/795/Business & Economy]

December 2 2004

Mahyoub Al-Kamaly
Yemen and the U.S.A. discussed a series of important economic issues recently. Minister of Planing and International Cooperation, Ahmad Mohammad Sufan represented Yemen and Kathi Nophili, Assistant of the US Trade Representative the US side in the annual meeting held in the US capital Washington.
The first annual meetings of the US-Yemen Council concentrated on trade and investment development and the means of enhancing cooperation between the two brotherly countries in the framework of the two sides' intentions to establish a joint trade zone.
Meanwhile Mr. Sufan proposed an explanation on the economic developments, the course of the economic reforms and Yemen's potential membership in the International Trade Organization (ITO).
He pointed out the economic and trade policies implemented by Yemen for the purpose of attracting investment and uprgading trade and investment climate.
He also mentioned the legislative steps adopted by Yemen .
Sufan emphasized the importance of US support for the steps adopted by Yemen in different areas including Yemen's membership in the international trade organization and offering the technical support.
On her part, Mrs. Kathi Nophili clarified the attention of her government in supporting Yemen to facilitate and draw the process of Yemen's membership closer to the organization and the technical support.
Among the areas discussed are the intellectual ownership, technical and health aspects as well as the health of plant related to the trade process. The discussion also covered the custom-related issues, specifications, standards and quality control.
From the Yemeni side, Abdulwahab Al-Hajri, Ambassador of Yemen to Washington, President of Customs Authority, President of the Bureau of Telecommunication and Coordination with the ITO, Chief of Staff of Specifications and Standards, the Undesecretary of Agriculture Ministry and a number of specialists from the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation and the Cultural and Commercial Attachee in Whashington attended the meeting.
US officials from Foreign, Agriculture, Commerce and Treasury Ministries and other parties concerned with trade and investment issues represented their government in the meeting.
The Yemeni Planning and Intrnational Cooperation Minister held disussions in Washington with Klay Lowry, Deputy Chief of the Millenium Fund and a team companying him. The discussions focused on the steps adopted by Yemen toward the assistance of 2006 Fund and other support for which Yemen has been nominated this year.