UAE Newspaper Criticizes Israeli Goods Flow in Yemen [Archives:2000/34/Front Page]

August 21 2000

ABU DHABI- A United Arab Emirates leading newspaper Sunday criticized the extensive flow of Israeli goods recently into the Yemeni markets.
Commenting editorially on the issue, the Abu Dhabi-based Arabic Daily Al Ittihad said that the Yemeni markets had witnessed recently extraordinary flow of Israeli goods, whereas these goods are demonstrated openly at stores, shops and business firms by the virtue of its low price. The paper noted that, according to news agencies, many shops present these products at the capital Sanaa and other several cities like Aden, Taiz, Hudaidah and Mukalla at a price cheaper than their similars.
The trial of invading the Arab markets has been a technique always adopted by the Israeli exporters since a long time ago and it comes in the framework of a policy in finding markets for Israeli products in the Arab countries, but the awareness of the Arab peoples always succeeded to abort these bids, said the newspaper.
What is serious in this matter is that, the Israelis are not satisfied by invading the Yemeni markets with their goods only, the paper warned. (Xinhua)