Ubad insists on trying land plunderers [Archives:2005/858/Local News]

July 11 2005

Hassan Al-Zaidi
SANA'A- In a press conference held Wednesday July 6 within the framework of inaugurating the third phase of enumerating and documenting the endowment-affiliated lands and properties, Minister of Endowments and Guidance Hamoud Ubad demanded trying endowment land plunderers.

He mentioned that his ministry will sue legal actions against grabbers of endowment-owned lands and properties and said that the legal priorities rule does not apply on the endowment-related cases, particularly as it is associated with purifying the dead who endowed these lands before they were grabbed.

The minister did not mention the names of the influential people and the renowned sheikhs who grabbed the endowment lands and properties but confirmed that their names will be revealed later on at the specialist court.

He stressed that the Ministry of Endowments and Guidance needs a mass of lawyers to appear for it before the court to defend its cases and that nobody can have immunity before the court.

Ubad said the field survey conducted by the ministry in 2002 covered lands with a total area of around one billion, 625 million and 112 square meters including agriculture and construction lands.

With respect to the direct supervision of the government on mosques, religious institutes and summer centers, he said the government supervision on such institutions will help protect children from the phenomenon of extremism recently cited in many parts all over the country.

The Minister of Endowments and Guidance noted: “we do not have a sectarian or official position to harm people and our principal goal is to protect mosques since it is in these places that people from different parties mass to discuss political matters turning away from worship.