UCHP finishes awareness campaign [Archives:2002/46/Local News]

November 11 2002

The Urban Cultural Heritage Program (UCHP) organized the closing ceremony of its two-month awareness campaign on November 3 at the Yemeni Cultural Center in Sana’a.
In the closing ceremony, speeches were delivered, including by En. Ali Oshaish, who announced the end of the closing the awareness campaign but not the awareness activities.
He pointed out that the UCHP has long term activities to raise the public awareness on the importance of the cultural heritage.
Another speech was delivered by Helmut Gosskreutz, director of the GTZ who assisted the UCHP in implementing awareness activities in Shibam, Sayoun, Tareem, Al-Qatn in Hadramout.
Hussein Al-Wali, deputy minister of public works and Urban development, stressed on the importance of the cooperation to best preserve the cultural heritage of Yemen.
The ceremony included a puppet show “the old house,” religious singing from a group from Zabid, Al Ahqaf dancing group from Hadramout and dancing group from Sana’a.
The UCHP photo competition winners were also announced and prizes were delivered. The first prize was screened.
Second winner was Mr. Mohammed Ali Al -Simah, third winner was Mohammed Abdullah Al Junaid, forth winner was Nabil Ali Mansusor, fifth winner was Boris Allard, the sixth winner, Abdulkader Hussein Naji, seventh winner Khaled Ahmed Al Sufyani, eighth winner Mohammed Salem, ninth winner Mudad Ali Akhlan and the last winner was Sa’ad Suliman Haroon.