UK Lifts Embargo on Travel to Yemen [Archives:2001/50/Front Page]

December 10 2001

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the British Government announced last Friday, December 7th, that it has lifted the embargo on travel to the Yemen for both business and tourism purposes, subject only to minor cautions.
The embargo was imposed on British nationals following the Abyan fiasco in 1999. According to Alan DArcy of the British Yemen Society, the removal of the travel warning followed the objection made by the British Embassy in Sanaa to the pointing of the finger of blame towards the Yemen.
However, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) still stresses the need to take precautionary measures for travelers to Yemen. According to the travel advisory of the FCO, The present situation makes it inadvisable for those unfamiliar with Yemen, and without contacts such as family or friends in the country, to pay first-time visits. British citizens considering travel to Yemen should be aware that there have been violent incidents involving foreigners in the past, including kidnappings.
This positive development also comes after intensifying efforts by Yemen to promote its image abroad and to work hard on eliminating the sources of concern for tourists and businessmen visiting the country.