UN resident coordinator interview with Yemen Times [Archives:2008/1194/Front Page]

September 29 2008

Yemen Times spoke to UN Resident Coordinator, Pratibha Mehta, who offered her perspective on issues involving development, security, refugees, the current situation in Sa'ada and the recent attack on the US embassy in Sana'a.

Mehta assured Yemen Times that the UN's work in Yemen is development-oriented and not involved in politics: “Right now we are mostly concerned with humanitarian relief and life-saving needs. Food itself is a very big issue.” She added that the UN “will support the Yemeni government in managing the country's security in [its] programs.”

She also stressed that “All people -both men and women- should be engaged in national development. It is not just what the country can do for the people, it is also what the people [ can do for their country, and in this sense you cannot ignore 50 percent of the population”.

Full interview next issue.