UN supports women’s election participation [Archives:2006/974/Front Page]

August 21 2006

SANA'A, Aug. 20 ) The United Nation System in Yemen is committed to supporting notational efforts towards development, democracy and the respect of human rights.

It is strongly committed to promoting full participation of Yemeni women in all aspects of social, economic and political life. In line with the constitution, national laws and Yemen's international rights obligations the UN is promoting women's participation is the upcoming local council elections in September.

The current local council elections represents an ideal opportunity to translate into reality the repeatedly expressed political commitment to women's participation in public life. The UN system is concerned at the extremely low number of women who have so far enrolled as candidates for the upcoming local council elections. Increasing the number of women is a logical step in the development of Yemen's democracy, as there are no legal or religious impediments to the election of women public office and to their participation in political life.

The United Nation system in Yemen calls therefore on all political parties to encourage and support women running for office.

It calls further on civil society organizations and women's groups to encourage and facilitate women's candidatures.

The United Nation System in Yemen remains committed to provide all support it can to the promotion of women's political participation and to the strengthening of Yemen's democracy.