UN, USA Want to Know about Weapons in Yemen [Archives:2005/850/Local News]

June 13 2005

SANAA, June 05 (News Net) ) In a letter to the Yemeni government, the United Nations and the United States have asked the government for explanations about weapons trafficking in Yemen and the government's efforts to control it. Foreign Ministry Deputy for European and American Affairs Mustaffa Noman said “the geographical location of Yemen near spots of regional conflicts and the war on terror have increasingly made it at the spot of international concern,” adding “internal armed conflicts in the past and this location of Yemen have made it a market for weapons.” Meanwhile, sources said a government technical commission has put together an official response to the UN and US letter. Yemen has been trying to change its international picture as a hub for weapons smuggling and the United States was planning to announce a boycott on weapons transfers to Yemen last year but changed its mind after Yemen became a key partner to the United States for the war on terror.