UNCHR opens six centers in Yemen [Archives:2005/857/Local News]

July 7 2005

A memorandum for understanding was signed Wednesday between the in the Passport and immigration authority building between the Ministry of Interior and the High Commissioner for Refugees, to open six centers for registration of Somali refugees.

The understanding memorandum contains the following points:

1- To open six registration centers in the Passport and Immigration Authority in six Governorates. They are; Sana'a (head quarter) Aden, Taiz, Alhdydah, Hadramot and Shabwa.

2- These centers register all Somali refugees including the new born children, and to issue cards and replacement cards and also the restoration the refugee cards of those who voluntarily wish to return to their countries. It also provides protection for refugees in the Republic of Yemen, and releases those who have been detained for not carrying their cards, unless they are wanted for penal cases.

3- The UNCHR provides the necessary support for the six registration centers of the memorandum, including the office furniture, computers, copiers, cameras with their printers, web connections in addition to stationery.UNHCR provides the regular incentives for the employees of these centers according to the agreement with the sub committee of the national UNHCR, on the training of the employees that work in these centers, according to the plan that has been agreed upon.

The memorandum was signed on behalf of the Ministry of Interior by major/ Mohamed Abulgadir Alramly; and on behalf of the UNHCR / Adel Yaseen, the representative of UNHCR in The Republic of Yemen. The signature was attended by a number of executives in the Passport and immigration Authority, and the UNHCR executives in Sana'a.