Unclear future awaits many Yemeni youth [Archives:2002/43/Culture]

October 21 2002

Worldwide, some young people are looking forward to a promising, rosy future. Not Yemeni youth. They are pessimistic and depressed, especially the graduates.
In my opinion they have the right to be so, for many reasons. First of all, is the absence of forethought. The government totally ignores the present and the coming generations. It does not take them to consideration. This is our status of happy Yemen.
Contrary to that, if we take examples of other highly developing countries, namely, America and Britain, we will find many examples which demonstrate the awareness of such two countries to the importance of its citizens, especially, the younger generation, because the governments of these countries consider the young generations as the corner stone of the future. The governments give them their needs and requirements.
One example can be seen obviously with America’s policy towards its citizens. America is considered to be one of the most famous industrial countries. It consumes a great amount of oil for companies and has some of its own oil. But up till now, it still basically depends on oil-imports from Gulf States, especially Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.
In other words, it keeps its oil-reserves for coming generation. That is one example which reflects the wise policy of the state towards its citizens.
The second example can be seen with British government, the idea is that the famous US car company General Motors, which has many branches in different countries at the world including Britain, has just suffered a great loss of about 30 million dollars, and decided to withdraw its branch from London to avoid similar expected loss.
But the British government interfered in the situation it lent the company the needed money to compensate its loss. Such a procedure of the British government is not an act of taking mercy on a US company, or to the advantages of the company, but it does so in order to save about 80,000 British workers from unemployment and homelessness.
This is the second example of a wise policy towards citizens which our government is not able to achieve. It does not pay any attention to what will become of citizens.
A clear example of such an indifferent policy can be seen in the government’s policy towards the graduated-students. Many students finish their university studies, but do not find even low-paying jobs to sustain their life. They hardly eke out their living.
If there is a wise future policy like that of America or Britain, there will be no excuse to be pessimistic or dejected for our youth.