UNCR calls for international help for Yemen [Archives:2005/842/Local News]

May 16 2005

The United Nations Higher Commission for Refugees Affairs in Yemen UNHCR has called the international community to support Yemen to face the mounting influx of African refugees.

Abdul-Maleek Aboud, a spokesman for the organization said in remarks published by the almotamar.net website on Thursday that Yemen receives between 12,000 to 14,000 Somali refugees every year.

“In the name of the commission, we ask the international community to offer all kinds of aid to help Yemen to overcome this problem,” Aboud said.

He made clear that the UNHCR was also suffering from budgetary shortages, saying that the Yemeni government was shouldering a big burden in that regard in spite of the economic difficulties the country encounters.

He added that Yemen allows those refugees to enter its territory because of their humanitarian situation, saying that Yemen is good example for other world in its help for refugees.