Under the Auspices of the Ministers of Youth and Defense, Al-Wafa Sports Festival Held [Archives:1997/40/Sports]

October 6 1997

Organized by Al-Ahli Club, Al-Wafa Sports Festivals was held to commemorate the late Yahya Al-Odhri who was one of Yemen’s best football players during the seventies. The Minister of Youth and Sports, Dr. Abdulawahab Rawih and the Minister of Defense, Brigadier Mohammad Dhaifullah were the first honored guests to attend the festival in addition to a number of Yahya’s friends and colleagues. Many sports clubs participated in the festival in addition to the Yemeni Olympic Committee. The Minister of Youth opened the festival, expressing his heartfelt condolences to the deceased and said that “his soul is still here with all the sympathy and faith to the sports which he loved and sacrificed his life for it.” A football match was held between two old teams. The “mature” football stars greatly enjoyed the game. They were all with no physical fitness and with heavy weights, but they tried to show competitiveness, skill, and competence in spite of their ages and agonies of life. This commemoration festival revived many memories that were shared by all during youth time. At the conclusion of the festival, a number of cups and presents were presented to the son of the deceased, Hani, and the rest of his family by both ministers in memory of his past activities.