Under the Auspices of the President Yemen Times Organizes The Last Human  Rights Seminar In Two Weeks [Archives:1999/47/Front Page]

November 22 1999

Yemen Times is a newspaper well-known for its support to human rights and press freedom issues. Having its founder, Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf as the Chairman of the Human Rights Committee of the Consultative Council, the newspaper focused on these issues even more. Through the years, Yemen Times brought a lot of stories of human rights violations and oppression of the press. Today, we are witnessing a new world order based on the respect of human rights and freedom of speech. On the 51st anniversary of the universal declaration of human rights, on the 5th of December, Yemen Times will organize the last seminar of the 20th century on human rights in Yemen. The invitation is open to all who wish to bring up human rights related working papers, and to all who wish to participate or attend the seminar which the president will attend and deliver a speech on this great occasion. More details next week.