Under the custody of Sheikh Hamid Al-Ahmar:Al-Nada Charity Society celebrates the collective wedding of 300 couples [Archives:2008/1181/Local News]

August 14 2008

By: Fawzi Al-Jaradi
Al-Nada Charity Society celebrated the first collective wedding of 300 couples under the custody of Shiekh Hamid Bin Abdella Al-Ahmar in Sana'a yesterday.

Number of Sheikhs, scholars, authorities and key figures of the society and multitudes from the district, relative and friends of the couples who came from all over the districts and regions attended the wedding celebration that took place in Wadi Dahr, Hamdan region.

In a delightful ambience, a grand celebration festival was held where Sheikh Hamid Bin Abdella Al-Ahmar, member of the Council of Representative of the Parliament, made a speech. He started with congratulating the bridegrooms on their auspicious wedding and extended his thanks to the audience for accepting the invitation and attending the wedding held in the district.

He spoke highly of the collective wedding and its role in sustaining the cooperation and synergism ties among the sons of this one nation and emphasized that this step shall be practical in fighting the phenomenon of extravagancy that related with single weddings and the high expenses encountered thereof hindering the youth from achieving their future marriage plans.

Sheikh Hamid also expressed his gratitude and appreciations to the Al-Nada Charity Society for their gesture to organize this first collective wedding in San'a.

In his speech, he also requested businessmen, merchants, and those who are capable of making contributions to organize such events and those interested in charity activities to support and encourage the organizing of collective weddings to assist the youth in their strive to fulfill one of their religious quest and to contribute in the endeavor to immune the society against un-balanced way of life

From his side, Shiekh Manour Al-Haq, the President of the Higher Committee for organizing collective wedding highly valued the initiative taken by Shiekh Hamid to custody the first communal wedding. He also thanked all governmental and public entities, and all donators, the concerned authorities in the district for the efforts they exerted for the success of the wedding being the first collective wedding that the district has witnessed for the first time in its history. The program of the wedding included speeches that cherished the wedding, poets, cultural songs and folklores that the districted is famous of.

It also included many awareness and recreational activities meant to entertain the bridegrooms and guests attending the wedding.

The program has included providing advices on the responsibilities related to marriage and its commitments that would guarantee a happy marriage for all in addition to the distribution of presents for the bridegrooms.