UNDP, Italy support Socotra conservation project [Archives:2004/743/Local News]

June 3 2004

The United Nations Development Programme and Italy have concluded a cost-sharing agreement with Yemen to support a conservation project on the island of Socotra. This move comes as the latest in a series of UNDP-supported and -facilitated projects in Yemen, and is the successor to the programme “Environment and poverty alleviation for the people of Socotra”.
The agreement provides for contributions of Euro 2.5 million from the Government of Italy and USD 2.5 million from the UNDP. The Government of Yemen is to provide in-kind support for the project.
A press release issued by the UNDP office in Sana'a identified the goals of the project as to: 1) boost economic growth, particularly through eco-tourism and sustainable fisheries; 2) address community development needs and involve local communities in the development project; 3) enhance the capability of the authorities in Socotra to lead sustainable development; 4) develop a partnership between the island of Socotra and the Galapagos national park of Ecuador.
The UNDP press release stated that the commitment of the parties to develop Socotra is a reflection of the “uniqueness and importance [of the island, which is] recognized nationally and internationally”.