UNDP presents action plan [Archives:2007/1023/Local News]

February 8 2007

SANA'A, Feb 7 ) In a shareholder meeting at the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation held last Wednesday, the United Nations Development Program held a meeting with government officials and representatives of the civil society, diplomatic community and other stakeholders to present and discuss the 2007-2011 country program action plan for Yemen.

Abdul Karim Al Arhabi Minister of Development, Planning and International Cooperation highlighted the importance of this program in political, economical and social fields. In her turn, Flavia Panisieri, UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative underlined that program under discussion was part of the border United Nations Development Assessment Framework and had been developed in coordination with national and international partners to support attainment of the goals of the National Five Year Plan for Development and Poverty Reduction.

Speeches were followed by a presentation of the Country Program Action Plan (CPAP) by Dena Assaf UNDP Deputy Resident Representative for programs.

Drawing from the United Nations Development Assessment Framework, UNDP program will target in particular; governance, economic-growth. Gender considerations will be mainstreamed and also addressed through targeted interventions while in the area of social services, in which other UN agencies are already sizably engaged, UNDP will focus on HIV/AIDS awareness.

Joint UN and government monitoring and evaluation structures and mechanisms will be put in place to ensure that goals and targets are reached. Resource Mobilization will also be supported through joint UN and government advocacy of donors.

In conclusion, UNDP thanked the participants for the engaging discussion and expressed its interest in further consultations on these important priorities, as UNDP works towards actualizing them in projects and programs on the ground in Yemen.