UNDP signs a US $1.8 million program SNCHR [Archives:2003/631/Local News]

April 14 2003

A program of support for “Strengthening National Capacity in Human Rights” with a total budget of $ 1.8 million was signed Sunday between UNDP and the Supreme National Committee for Human Rights (SNCHR) and the Ministry of Planning and Development at the MOPD Headquarters in Sana'a. UNDP will finance the initial phase of the project with a contribution of US$ 500.000.
UNDP has adopted a policy to integrate human rights into sustainable development realizing that development and human rights are mutually interrelated. Promoting human rights is one of the key priorities identified in UNDP's Second Country Cooperation Framework (CCF) for Yemen. The key outcome that will be achieved from UNDP's support in this area is expanded national capacities to protect, promote and respect human rights including gender equity, and mainstreaming human rights into development processes through capacity building support for governmental and non-governmental organizations. This will be achieved through the provision of appropriate technical assistance, training and various methods to raise awareness, including organizing public forums for the promotion and advancement of human rights.
The project will be focus on three categories of immediate beneficiaries:
– The Supreme National Committee for Human Rights (SNCHR) and Office of the State Minister for Human Rights targeting more specifically the technical and administrative personnel.
– Various governmental institutions, including the Parliament and the Human Rights Committee in the Parliament, the Attorney General and the Prosecutor's Office, the Police, the Human Rights Committee in the Shura Council and the Ministry of Justice.
– Civil society organizations to widen the reach of the project to the grassroots level.
The project document was signed by H.E. Vice Minister of Planning & Development, Mr. Abdul-Rahman Turmoom, on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Yemen; H.E. Dr. Wahibah Fare'a, State Minister of Human Rights on behalf of SNCHR; and Mr. James Rawley on behalf of UNDP. The project is expected to start in April 2003 and last for three and a half years.
Officials from the technical staff of the Ministry of Planning and Development, SNCHR, and UNDP office in Sana'a attended the signing ceremony.