UNESCO’s workshop on governance & poverty eradication in Arab countries [Archives:2004/725/Local News]

April 1 2004

Sana'a, Beirut, (UN Information Centre 24 March 2004) UNESCO Beirut is organizing, with the cooperation of the Lebanese Centre for Policy studies, a regional workshop on governance and poverty eradication in the Arab Region with a focus on the impact of civil society organizations on public policies, on Monday 22 March 2004 at the UNESCO Office, Beir Hassan, Beirut. The objective of the for three-day seminar is to share analysis and experiences about the current capacity of Arab civil society organizations to influence public policy and the conditions needed to empower them in their relationship with the state, public actors and other national stake holders. The seminar will include presentations and reviews of previous activities and material produced by the UNESCO project; presentations and discussion of the four national experiences of Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco and Yemen; discussions about how to increase the impact of civil society organizations on public policies and recommendations on possible actions that UNESCO could develop to support Arab NGO's democratic governance and public policies to eradicate poverty in the Arab region.